Providing compassionate care where you need it most

This service will be provided to individuals in their home and community settings (inclusive/non-segregated). This service will be provided mainly to assist the individual on a face-to-face basic acquiring, maintaining, and improving the skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life.

Service will be provided in accordance with the individual’s ISP in an effort to assist with achieving the individual’s desired outcome.

Wellness Health Services, LLC will provide modeling behavior, assistance, support, and guidance, to enable the individual to achieve their goals. We will provide support in daily living, developing and promoting good physical and emotional health and wellness, managing and scheduling medical appointments, assisting with locating a private home, paying bills, routine home maintenance, and safety. Wellness Health Services, LLC’s direct care staff will also provide opportunities for socialization and knowledge of additional community resources.

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