Building stronger, inclusive communities together

Wellness Health Services, LLC will provide Community Participation Support (Community Integration) to support individuals in affording opportunities for community inclusion and building interest in and developing skills personally and for potential employment. The service will be provided as per the ISP and in locations that are non-disability specific, meeting all federal standards for home and community-based settings. A maximum of 3 individuals will be served simultaneously by Wellness Health Services, LLC, at a community location at a time.

Wellness Health Services, LLC staff will work to offer a broad range of activities based on the individual’s desires. We aim to increase individual’s social capital: increase resources, build and sustain relationships, increase independence, provide opportunities for self-advocacy, and overall increase their self-efficacy abilities. Our individuals will be active and engaged members of their communities at large.

Activities will include but not be limited to:

  • Joining community organizations, groups, associations, or clubs
  • Participating in hobbies or leisure/cultural interests or promoting personal health and wellness (e.g. Zumba, dancing, yoga class, hiking group, walking group, etc.)
  • Adult learning/volunteer opportunities
  • Assisting individuals and family members with identifying and utilizing supports not funded through the waiver that is available from community service organizations such as churches, schools, colleges/universities, and other post-secondary institutions, libraries, neighborhood associations, clubs, recreational organizations

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